Financial Services

TKO Energy Capital specializes in Conventional, Solar, Geothermal, Waste-to-Energy, Wind, Energy Efficiency and Thermal Storage Technology domains.
We review and package approved inquiries for Research & Development, Project Mid-to-Late Stage Due Diligence, Construction and Take-Out Financing.
TKO utilizes many long-established resources to creatively fund your project through institutional financing (equity/debt), grants, high net-worth individual investors and/or loans.


Financial Services

TKO Energy Capital specializes in Conventional, Solar, Geothermal, Waste-to-Energy, Wind Technology and Energy and Thermal Storage Technologies domains.

Investment Services 

TKO Energy Capital’s goal is to protect and balance the interests of our investors with their investment opprotunity.

Consulting Services

Our services include, but are not limited to: project review and guidance, regulation reviews, technology vetting and business development.

Market Intelligence

Our analytical review of current energy and clean tech / high tech trends gives the investment community and suppliers in-depth knowledge, which provides insight into near-future opportunities

TKO Partners

TKO’s relationships bring structure, vision and value to investors and companies alike.

Executive Team

We are passionate about technology innovation. We also understand the need for business discipline to navigate the inevitable challenges facing a rapidly growing new business.

Main services


TKO’s objective is to leverage our investment knowledge to realize venture-level returns for our investors and shareholders of the companies within our portfolio.

While we believe sound management and efficient execution are keys to a successful company, we are primarily interested in promising technologies, products and markets which we can add value to a client’s business strategy. As part of our engagement, we often provide hands-on management and planning expertise to assist in taking an idea and/or technology to a commercially viable stage.

TKO is a company specializing in developing maximum knowledge value for global energy, clean tech and high technology companies.  Our vision is to identify best-of-class technologies within these tech sectors, including preexisting assets from complimentary companies. Paying attention to ongoing trends is critical to staying ahead of opportunities.

TKO has the capability to advise a company step-by-step through international expansion into the European, Asian and South American markets based on company and investor objectives.