About Us

TKO Energy Capital, LLC is the convergence of the Energy and Emerging Technology markets, investor interests and consulting best practices to create sustainable growth. TKO has evaluated and vetted over $14.2 Billion of capital needs in the Energy and Hi Tech arena.


TKO sits on emerging technology committees across the United States and overseas, giving TKO an early and unique perspective for the application of energy-centric technologies and initiatives.


TKO effectively provides policy advisement, technology vetting, business development, funding preparation and consultative solutions. With TKO’s guidance, our partners have an enhanced strategy to capitalize on opportunities within the energy and high tech marketplace. TKO does this through the necessary acquisition and provision of financial resources.


TKO has accepted energy projects in many domains including but not limited to:

  1. Large-scale renewable energy,
  2. High-efficiency power generation,
  3. Large-scale energy storage,
  4. Power transmission and energy transportation projects,
  5. Infrastructure and natural resource technologies, and
  6. Regulatory policy impact and guidance.

TKO has access to significant financial resources for projects related to: Conventional, Solar, Geothermal, Waste-to-Energy, Bio-Energy, Wind, Energy Efficiency and Thermal Storage Technologies.

TKO provides advisement on design and implementation criteria for mature and late stage start-up energy and related technology companies for large-scale application and commercialization.

TKO employs connectivity with industry, technology and energy-thought leadership for technology commercialization.

Biomass Generation Flow


TKO is a leader in Energy Initiatives