Consulting Services

TKO Energy Capital provides expert consulting in:

1Conventional / Micro Generation

2Wind Generation

3Geothermal Generation


5Solar Generation Technologies

6Thermal Storage Technologies domains

7Energy Storage Technologies

8Energy Efficiency Technologies

9Water Consumption Technologies


Project deliverables developed by our world-class team of professionals may include:

1Unique propositions for off-takers or final owners.

2Develops inroads with ISO / Grid / Utility arenas.

3Identification of internal and external forces.

4Perfected client expertise in the Utility Grid world.

5Investor Market Analyses.

6Market Intelligence identifying company strong points with relationships.

7Project/product qualifications & performance for Investor/Industrial off-takers or owners.

8Focused and measured marketing tactics.

9More efficient use and increased longevity of Client marketing dollars.

10Maximized value at investment conferences and direct meetings.

11Finding and forming strategic partnerships.

13Producing or securing and managing market assets.

Connecting is our core value.